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Lilpri Princesses.jpg|thumb|268px|right|Lilpri Princesses (Ringo Yukimori, Natsuki Sasahara, Leila Takashiro)]]

Lilpri Princesses (Ringo Yukimori, Natsuki Sasahara, Leila Takashiro

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This is about 3 girls have been chosen to be the princesses from Snow White, Cinderella and Princess Kaguya.

It starts off by a little girl named Ringo that saw a Snow White book that she wants but when she went to the stand the book starts to disappear (Including the book Princess Kaguya and Cinderella). The next day Ringo was at her parents apple pie stand selling Apple Pie. When the Apple Pie was sold out Ringo held Apple Pie on her hand then went to the Concert Mall and ask the Security Guard to get her pie but the Security Guard refuses too. Ringo tried again but then a herd of girls appeared to run to the V.I.P side and ran into Ringo they went inside and there parents followed them and show their tickets to the Security Guard. When the girls was inside Ringo fell at the same time with a girl. Ringo noticed that her Apple Pie is gone the girls took it and ate it.

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Strange phenomena have been reported in Wonderland. In fact the Wonderland is on the verge of extinction. The only way to avoid this crisis is to collect “Happiness Stone,” which only exist in human heart, and the only ones who have the ability to collect them are the legendary “Princesses”. The queen of the Wonderland orders her “Ma(gic)Pets” to find three human girls who have the potential to become the Princesses. After being sent to the human world, MaPets encounter three girls at the concert of the popular idol group, Wish. Indeed, they were the girls who were to become the Princesses.

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